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  • Triple Bogey Amber 473mL 5% $8

Triple Bogey Lager 473mL 5% $8

Mascot Skrewface Double IPA 473mL 6% $8

Philips Dino Sour W. Stone Fruit 473mL 4.2% $8

Woodhouse Citrus Radler 473mL 3.2% $8

Sawdust City Wayback Playback West Coast IPA 473mL 5.8% $8

Burdock Sparkling Ale 355mL 5% $8

Bench Ripple Effect Pale Ale 473mL 5% $8

Bench Balls Falls Session IPA 473mL 4.5% $8

Miller High Life 473mL 4.6% $8


Leftfield Ice Cold Lime Ontario Ale 355mL 4.5% $8

Leftfield Ice Cold Beer Ontario Ale 355mL 4.5% $8

Arizona Hard Iced Tea 473mL 5% $8

High Noon Hard Seltzer  Vodka Based – (Watermelon, Pineapple, Peach, Grapefruit) Tequlia Based – ( Grapefruit, Passionfruit, Strawberry, Lime) 355mL 4.5% $8

Bee Knees Honey Gin Cocktail 355mL 5% $8

Sandbagger ( Transfusion W. Vodka, Boysenberry W. Gin) 355mL 5% $8

French 75 Gin Coctail W. Sparkling Rose 355mL 5% $8

Thornbury Apple Cider 473mL 5.3% $8

Niagara Cider Company ( Peach & Chardonnay, Rose Gold) 473mL 6% $8

Rorschach Jolly Beans Grape Gummy Sour 355mL 6.5% $8

Non Alcoholic 

Mascot Stuntin IPA 473mL 0.5% $5

Mascot Stuntin Sour 473mL 0.5% $5




This cocktail is everything Barstool sports. 1.5oz pink Whitney pink lemonade vodka mixed with barstool sports transfusion grape ginger ale. Viva La Stool. 

Want more Barstool? Try a High Noon Vodka Seltzer – $8

1.5 oz $11.00



We infuse the flavour of our award winning wings into a ceasar. Made with our Leaf’s vs Sabres bbq sauce and our mango chipotle dry rub as a rim, this drink is truly our own. Comes with a little snack too. If your a fan of the classic ceasar, we’ll make it that way for ya too.

1 oz $9.50

2 oz $13.50



Wisers Special Blend Rye Whisky
Lambs White Rum
Polar Ice Vodka
Beefeater Gin

All prices are subject to change.